January 2011

why LADY , please LADY

lady, lady, lady, lady.......

why must you have to came back to him?
why wont you leave him forever?
why did you have done to him before?
why you loves the guy who really loves you too?
why you have the good reason now?
why its not about past years ago?
why why why? 
why LADY? 

please gimme your best answers LADY!
i hate you damn much..
please gimme you best shot LADY!
i want to die now..
please just please leave him LADY!
i need him more than you..
please say that you will go LADY!
i must face it clearly..
please do some sacrifice LADY! 
i really mean it..
he is mine indeed LADY!
just thank you so much and please go away from here ..
LADY.. thanks for everythings.. 

here some goes around you guys! please just pretend yours yeayy. i hate this part ever, wont be two of this girls side. please please do not interrupting somebody in a relationship okey. take my words and you wont regret it x) thanks. 

full of LOVE

my true love
hath my heart
and i have his - sir Philip Sidney

...let there be spaces
in your togetherness,
An let the winds
of the heavens dance
between you - Jahlil Gibran

She walks in beauty, like the night
of couldless climes and starry skies - Lord Byron

wild night!
wild nights
were I with thee
wild nights should be
our luxury - Emily Dickinson

if I never met you
I would have dreamed you into being - Sebastian Chantoix

love conquer all things- Virgil

LOVE is KING -Mark Thornicroft

Love conquer all things
-except poverty and toothache - Mae West

How do I love thee? let me count the ways
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
my soul can reach.. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

My heart has made its mind up
and Im afraid its you - Wendy Cope

The eskimos
have fifty-two names for snow
because it is important to them ;
there ought to be
as many for love - Margaret Atwood

Erotic love is the spindle 
on which the earth turns - Octavio Paz

But lets unclip our minds
and let tumble free
the mad, mangled 
crocodile of love - Brian Patten

to love and to be loved
is too feel the sun from both skies. - David Viscott

life is a flower
of which love is the honey - Victor Hugo

Love comforteth like the sunshine after rain - William Shakespeare 

the pain of loving you is almost more than I can bear - Dhlawrence

ONE is very crazy in love - Sigmund Freud

LOVE's ......a parndonable insanity - Sebastian Chantoix

LOVE is an act of endless forgiveness - Peter Ustinov

Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love -Lao-Tzu

the ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree
but to hold hands - Alexanda Penney

The madness of love
is the greatest of heaven's blessings - Plato

the heart that loves
is always young - Peter Ustinov

love is the greatest
refreshment in life - Pablo Picasso

May i feel said he
(i'll squeal said she
just once said he)
its fun said she. -Ee Cummings

when my bed is empty
makes me awful mean and blue
my springs are getting rusty
living single like I do - Bessie Smith

love becomed 
teh ultimate answer
to the ultimate
human qeustion - Archibald Macleish

two human loves make one divine - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

love is of all the passions the strongest
for it attacks simultaneously the head
the heart and the sences - Voltaire

Drink to me only with thine eyes
and I will pledge with mine -Ben Jonson

the last of your kisses was ever the sweetest ;
the last smile the brightest - John Keats

we know things better through love
than through knowledge - Umberto Eco

to love a thing means wanting it to live................. Confucius

You're much too marvelous,
too marvelous for words -Johnny Mercer

love is something eternal-
the aspect may change,
but not the essence - Vincent Van Gogh

...............each day I love you more,
Today more than yesterday and less
than tomorrow - Rosemonde Gerard

abook of HEARTS
words about love - A Helen Exley giftbook 

♥ my hero ♥

(Whispered) Let me be your hero

Would you dance if I asked you to dance?
Would you run and never look back
Would you cry if you saw me crying
Would you save my soul tonight?

Would you tremble if I touched your lips?
Would you laugh oh please tell me these
Now would you die for the one you love?
Hold me in your arms tonight?

I can be you hero baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away

Would you swear that you'll always be mine?
Would you lie would you run away
Am I in to deep?
Have I lost my mind?
I don't care you're here tonight

I just want to hold you
Am I in too deep?
Have I lost my mind?
Well I don't care you're here tonight

You can take my breath my breath away
I can be your hero

♥♥♥ for my best man ever. thanks always coz supporting me ! 

Petua Kasih Sayang Suami Isteri : Teknik urut cakar harimau

walaupun aku belum kahwin lagi, tapi ilmu ni bagus. so sila baca dengan penuh kesabaran ya. 

Petua memupuk kasih sayang hendaklah dilakukan oleh dua belah pihak. Enam langkah telah diperkenalkan/diajarkan oleh Pendakwah terkenal Ustazah Siti Norbahyah untuk suami~isteri agar saling menyayangi dengan kaedah ‘Cakar Harimau’

Ni untuk mereka yg dah kawin tau….! kalau yang tak kawin lagi tu…setakat faham gitu-gitu dah lah erk…tak pun senyum ajer lah…hehe…

1) Picit tengkuk pasangan dengan penuh kasih sayang…

2) Picit bahu hingga ke lengan dengan penuh kasih sayang…

3)Buat jemput-jemput (bukan cengkodok tau) dekat tulang belikat…

4) Buat ‘Cengkaman Harimau’ (menurut kitab lama) atau ‘Cakar Harimau’ di belakang badan dengan tekanan di hujung jari dan lekuk dalam dari hujung tengkuk hingga ke pinggang (pastikan kuku jari tu pendek ye…kalau panjang kan jadi cakar lain pulak…hehe…)

5) Buat labah-labah (jejari merangkak) naik ke atas dari pinggang ke tengkuk semula. Kemudian lakukan semula. Kemudian lakukan ‘Cakar Harimau’ dan ‘Labah-Labah’ naik ke atas berulang kali.

6) Genggamkan tapak tangan kedua belah dan tepuk beberapa kali belakang suami untuk melengkapkan kaedah kasih sayang suami-isteri. Selain itu, bisikkan kalimah cinta di telingan pasangan…

Rasulullah SAW bersabda:-

“wahai Fatimah, lakukan 5 perkara dan nescaya kamu akan mendapat 5 perkara”

1)mana-mana isteri yang melayan suaminya dengan elok tidak kira siang atau malam

2)mana-mana isteri yang meminyakkan (atau menyikat) rambut suami

3)mana-mana isteri yg menggunting misai suami

4)mana-mana yang mengguting janggut, memotong kuku suaminya maka si isteri akan mendapat 5 ganjaran:-

i) Apabila isteri hendak meninggal dunia, ALLAH akan memudahkan sakaratul-maut
ii) Sebaik sahaja isteri untuk ke kubur, kubur merupakan salah satu taman-taman syurga
iii) Nama wanita ini akan dipadamkan di pintu neraka tetapi tersenarai di pintu Syurga
iv) Allah sendiri akan memberinya minuman yang ada di Syurga
v) Wanita ini akan dimudahkan menyeberangi siratul-mustaqim seperti kilat…

Aduhai besarnya pengorbanan seorang isteri dan betapa besarnya kelebihan yg ALLAH berikan buat isteri yg solehah…
So, satu pesanan buat wanita…kalau takut sang suami bukak ‘cawangan baru’..kenalah pandai-pandai jaga hati suami masing-masing…


lady, I'm your knight in shinning armor and I love you
You have made me what I am and i am yours
My love, there's so many ways I want to say I love you
Let me hold you in my arms forever more
You have gone and made me such a fool
I'm so lost in your love
And ohh, we belong together
Won't you believe in my song?

Lady, for so many years, I thought I'd never find you
You have come into my life and made me whole
Forever let me wake to see you each and every morning
Let me hear you whisper softly in my ear

In my eyes, I see no eno else but you
There's no other love like our love
And yes, oh yes
I'll always want you near me
I've waited for you so long

Lady, you love's the only love I need
And beside me is where I want you to be
Cause, my love, there's something I want you to know
You're the love of my life, you're my lady!

this precious song,
special sing by the best singer that I would heard
and I love the way you sing a song
dearest, it won't be like we told before 
but you are mine indeed forever..
'the love's the only love I need'..

99 Nama Allah

Zikir 99 Asma'ul Husna  
"Allah mempunyai Al Asma'ul Husna, 
maka bermohonlah kepada-Nya dengan menyebut 
Al-Asma'ul Husna itu .."
Ya Allah
Ya Rahman - Maha Pengasih
Ya Rahim - Maha Penyayang
Ya Malik - Yang Maha Berkuasa
Ya Quddus - Maha Suci
Ya Salam - Maha Sejahtera
Ya Mukmin - Maha Pengaman
Ya Muhaimin - Maha Memelihara
Ya 'Aziz - Maha Perkasa
Ya Jabbar - Maha Menundukkan
Ya Mutakabbir - Memiliki Kebesaran
Ya Kholiq - Maha Pencipta
Ya Baari' -Maha Perancang
Ya Musowwir - Maha Perekabentuk
Ya Ghoffar - Maha Pengampun
YA Qohhar - Maha Menundukkan
Ya Waahab - Maha Pemberi
Ya Rozzaq - Maha Memberi Rezeki
Ya Fattah - Maha Pembuka
Ya 'Alim - Maha Mengetahui
Ya Qobidh - Maha Penyempit Hidup
Ya Basith - Maha Pelapang Hidup
Ya Khafidh - Maha Penghina
Ya Rofi' - Maha Tinggi
Ya Mu'iz - Maha Pemberi Kemuliaan
Ya Mudzill - Maha Merendahkan
Ya Sami' - Maha Mendengar
Ya Bashir - Maha Melihat
Ya Hakam - Maha Menghukum
Ya 'Adl - Maha Adil
Ya Lathif - Maha Halus
Ya Khobir - Maha Waspada
Ya Halim - Maha Penyantun
Ya Adzim - Maha Agung
Ya Ghofur - Maha Pengampun
Ya Syakur - Maha Menghargai
Ya 'Aliyy - Maha Tinggi Martabat-Nya
Ya Kabir - Maha Besar
Ya Hafidz - Maha Pemelihara/Pelindung
Ya Muqit -
Ya Hasib - Maha Mencukupi
Ya Jalil - Maha Luhur
Ya Karim - Maha Mulia
Ya Roqib - Maha Mengawasi
Ya Mujib - Maha Mengabulkan
Ya Wasi' - Maha Luas Pemberian-Nya
Ya Hakim - Maha Bijaksana
Ya Wadud - Maha Pencinta
Ya Majid - Maha Mulia/Agung
Ya Ba'its - Maha Membangkitkan
Ya Syahid - Maha Menyaksikan
Ya Haqq - Maha Benar
Ya Wakil - Maha Penjamin
Ya Qowiy - Maha Memiliki Kekuatan
Ya Matin - Maha Sempurna Kekuatan-Nya
Ya Waliy - Maha Melindungi
Ya Hamid - Maha Terpuji
Ya Muhshi - Maha Menghitung
Ya Mubdi' - Maha Memulakan
Ya Mu'id - Maha Mengembalikan
Ya Muhyi - Maha Menghidupkan
Ya Mumit - Maha Mematikan
Ya Hayyu - Maha Hidup
Ya Qoyyum - Maha Berdikari
Ya Wajid - Maha Menemukan
Ya Majid - Maha Mulia
Ya Wahid - Maha Esa
Ya Samad - Maha Tempat Meminta
Ya Ahad - Maha Esa
Ya Qodir - Maha Kuasa
Ya Muqtadir - Maha Menentukan
Ya Muqoddim - Maha Mendahulukan
Ya Mu'akhir - Maha Melewatkan
Ya Awwal - Maha Awal
Ya Akhir - Maha Akhir
Ya Zohir - Maha Menyatakan
Ya Bathin - Maha Tersembunyi
Ya Waaliy - Maha Menguasai Urusan
Ya Muta'ali - Maha Suci/Tinggi
Ya Barr - Maha Baik
Ya Tawwab - Maha Menerima Taubat
Ya Muntaqim - Maha Penyiksa
Ya 'Afuww - Maha Pemaaf
Ya Ro'uf - Maha Mengasihi
Ya Malikul Mulk - Maha Memiliki Kekuasaan
Ya Dzal Jalalil Wal Ikram - Maha Memiliki Keagungan dan Kemuliaan
Ya Muqsith - Maha Mengadili
Ya Jami' - Maha Mengumpulkan
Ya Ghoniy - Maha Kaya
Ya Mughni - Maha Memberi Kekayaan
Ya Mani' - Maha Mencegah
Ya Dhorru - Maha Pembuat Bahaya
Ya Nafi' - Maha Pemberi Manfaat
Ya Nur - Maha Bercahaya
Ya Haadi - Maha Pemberi Petunjuk
Ya Badi' - Maha Pencipta Keindahan
Ya Baaqi - Maha Kekal
Ya Warits - Maha Mewarisi
Ya Rasyid - Maha Pandai
Ya Sobur - Maha Penyabar