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why LADY , please LADY

lady, lady, lady, lady.......

why must you have to came back to him?
why wont you leave him forever?
why did you have done to him before?
why you loves the guy who really loves you too?
why you have the good reason now?
why its not about past years ago?
why why why? 
why LADY? 

please gimme your best answers LADY!
i hate you damn much..
please gimme you best shot LADY!
i want to die now..
please just please leave him LADY!
i need him more than you..
please say that you will go LADY!
i must face it clearly..
please do some sacrifice LADY! 
i really mean it..
he is mine indeed LADY!
just thank you so much and please go away from here ..
LADY.. thanks for everythings.. 

here some goes around you guys! please just pretend yours yeayy. i hate this part ever, wont be two of this girls side. please please do not interrupting somebody in a relationship okey. take my words and you wont regret it x) thanks.