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Water Orb

Dream to walk on Water? We will wished your dream come true. Or relaxing inside a transparent ball watching the fishes beneath you and the skyline above you? Water Orb is a 2 meter inflatable where 1 to 2 person can walk, tumble and relax while floating on water.

You can stay up to 10 minutes in the Water Orb. Sound short? Walking on water is actually very challenging !. 10 minutes is just right to maximize your experience.

No worries on safety because it floats! There's an anchor line and safety personnel on standby.
Key Facts:
1) You'll be totally dry.
2) You can experience walking on water, watching the fishes and playing tag with other Water Orb riders.
3) Maximum 2 person in the Water Orb.
4) You will be playing on a pond 20m x 20m wide.
5) You can wear what you want (except kilts and skirts)


1) Maximum Weight (160kgs)
2) Minimum age : 5 years old above

What to Wear & Bring

2) Anything comfortable except kilts and skirts.

Before Enter to the Water Orb

For Safety reasons, no spectacles, sharp objects, footwear, loose items like coins, wallet, handphone, etc are allowed in the Water Orb.

Medical Info

Requirements of participating in these events are the same as roller coaster requirements. Participants who are pregnant or with spine injury, health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problem, asthma, etc, are not allowed to participate unless there's written approval by Doctor.

Walking In

You can walk in anytime you want during our operation hour.

Group Booking

If you're coming with a big group (we can accommodate up to 180 people per/day) we can reserve a date & time slot for you. Else just ring us up before coming.

If you want a group booking for parties or on weekdays or an special events, we can customize a special price for your programme.

Pricing Rate

Location 1: THE HERITAGE
RidesRates (RM) per/person
Water Orb20
Bungee Bounce15

Payment must be made either by Cash , Cheque or Bank in to:
Maybank : 5140 8425 8580

If Bank in is made, Bank in slip must be faxed to GAC (03-6257 0047)

Where to find us

Location 1: THE HERITAGE
(Next to MINES Shopping Mall / Serdang KTM Station)
(Every Weekends)
(Operation hour : 10am - 6pm)


*a great thing to try, lets go folks!