Double H for me, minus HK not with me |

Double H for me, minus HK not with me

  Everybody just foward text wished 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri' for me and family. I'll do received a lot of sweet text message. But i argue one thing. I see someone wearing baju melayu same colour with mine. Err what a jerk? Hmm so just forget about it!

Syukur alhamdullilah, this Happy Eid Mubarak a lil more completed for my family. First raya with sister,my brother-in-law, Abg Farid and my nephew, Muhammad Fahrin. My home get more chaos and havoc because of this little boy here. Opah (my mom) finished sewing her customers 'Baju Raya' until this morning around 10 am. So big rushed! I hate to see my mom worked hard for sake people get more happier for their Happy Eid Mubarak but my mom couldnt stop working. Never do the same thing for next year! Yeah, "Mom, you will get more your resting time better than".. I was wondering, if i can take course sewing at GiatMara?

I wish i can go to Padang Merdeka because that place was so memorable to me and also my dear HK. The one and only bring me to there. For lepak-ing, make fun together. I was falling in love to him at this place. I really love to go there with him. Please wait for me and him okey!? Before i go to sleep, i want to wish Happy 54th Independent Day Malaysia and i hope our country still in peacefull. Happy Eid Mubarak 1432 H to all muslimin and muslimah. Dont forget to come my open house. Everyday is open house :) 

People, please be safe wherever you are. Do remember your lovely people before you want to start racing at the road like Michael Schumacker, okey? Do not rush to go everywhere you may go, be more respectful eachother and stay smile :)

Till then!
Sheila Salim