The difference between self-assured, and egoistic?

# What is the difference between a self-assured person, and someone who does not like to hear the views of others (egoistic)? 

and, if someone is an arrogant person (who's ego blocks himself from receiving opinions against his), how can he become humble, and self-assured? :/

*self-assured in this context means someone who is confident in his opinions

Self assured is generally grounded in reality and tangible accomplishments. It utilizes wisdom and discernment to reach those accomplishments, even often drawing on others equally wise and discerning.

Ego is generally deaf and blind to all of that and rooted in self-love regardless of the absence of wisdom or discernment, and an inflated view of perceived accomplishments for which self is glorified regardless of assistance of others.

Generally speaking, an arrogant person must be broken before he's able to find humility...God, fate, the outside world often are the only source able to accomplish this, it's not our responsibility to break people down based on our own interpretation of whether they are arrogant or not, but it is within our rights to limit our interaction with these sorts of people until they have been broken.

Don't confuse self-assured with opinionated, a real possibility according to your definition of self-assured.

exactly, a person who is self-assured is simply one who is confident in his or her abilities and/or opinions, and THIS is not a bad thing. it's basically having faith in yourself and there's nothing wrong with that.

now, being egotistic is something completely different entirely. someone who is egotistic is someone who only cares for themselves and is very conceded, despite the fact that they are often disliked by others. arrogance is definitely related to egotism, but i still do think that they are also unrelated in a way.

look, if you are referring to yourself, i highly doubt that you are egotistic or arrogant. notice how you stated that arrogance consists of not caring for others opinions, yet here you are on yahoo answers trying to ask others how you can become more humble. 

i think that you're being to hard on yourself; there's absolutely nothing wrong with being confident in yourself, as long as you don't take it to an extreme. just make sure that you recognize others' abilities and strong-points, but don't be afraid to debate something that you disagree with (in a reasonable manner, clearly) :)

10 points? :) i sincerely hope that this helped.

self assured persons are secure persons. and they say what they want to say. and doesn't worry if others might correct them or what. and they don't really mind of others and are focused on the goal. so if they think others have a better opinion they go with it. 

egoistic persons are kind of insecure.. they're covering up something so they try to appear as they want to and they get provoked or defensive when someone contradicts with him or someone is better than him. they're goal is their reputation or image.

if you are to humble an egoistic person.. never embarrass him. if he's really going over the limit then you should talk to him about it.. but remain sincere. if you only want to kinda hurt him then don't. 
and if you think that saying frankly to him what you think will hurt him don't. because he's just going to defend himself or be in denial.. in fact he may even be more egoistic because he's going to rebel. 

try asking him questions because clearly.. he won't take criticisms. like.. why can't you accept this opinion of others, which is pretty much better? something like that.. and ask why he does this things. 
the point is.. you are making him realize this himself.