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Diary 2011
motivation to this owner and the people's who may read it,
thank you so much.

Life is like a library owned by the author.
In it are a few books which she wrote herself,
but most of them were written for her.

Norsheila binti Salleh

Listening with the silence of the heart.
Listen with no judgements.
Listen without answering with the voice in your head.
Go beyond outer appearances and listen
to the message within.
Listen lovingly with the silence of your heart.

Making a DIFFERENCE in people's life

nothing more in noble than doing something
for others and making a difference in their life.
It may be as simple as taking over a
chore from your spouse or parents without
being asked to, suprising your beloved one
with flowers or even delivering gifts
personally to the old folks' home.

Speaking with FULLNESS of the HEART
speak the gentle truth and with fullness of the heart.
speech is a powerful human tool and the tongue 
is sharper than the sword.
use LOVE,  KINDNESS  and SINCERITYin your speech
and it will return to you a thousand - fold!

we are not held back by the love
we didnt receive in the past
but by the love we're not extending
in the present

there is not the best motivation 
but i can try to apply it 
to my sweet sour life.
thank you
so much 
for read it untill the last words.

mucho gracias!
sheila shahfiekry